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Current Proposed Project
Updated date: 17/10/2016

 Current Proposed Project for 2015

Name: Vision120

Target Group : A/L Students and Youth.

Duration : 120 Sessions

Brief Description of the Project :

Choose 10 schools and 2 youth groups from the area of Maskeliya and its surroundings. Then 10 days of seminar based information and knowledge will be provided to the participants under the heading of Science & Nature. At the end of the series the participants are expected to have a broad understanding as to the fundamentals of life and form an idea as to what life is all about.


Pre implementation  Targets:

  • To choose schools and youth groups.
  • Identify participants: maximum number of participants per group is to be limited to 50. With regards to the school students the ideal age group would be A level students.
  • Fix the dates for the seminar and inform all schools and participants.
  • Prepare the name list of the participants and attendance to be marked throughout the 10 days. 


  • Each seminar will be conducted over two hours using visuals and discussion. Multimedia projectors and sound system will be used. The subject matters of the seminar will be as per the attached schedule to this report. During the first month of the seminar the same topic will be viewed and discussed with all 12 groups. At the end of each session the participants will be given an opportunity to directly interact with the conductor to raise questions and clarify issues discussed on the day. These seminars will be conducted in twelve different locations (i.e schools), over the period of 12 consecutive days. And the following month a different subject matter will be conducted on the same manner. On this basis this programme is to run over a period of 10 months as there would be 10 different topics discussed.
  • At the end of the programme the participants are expected to have a better understanding as to the fundamentals of life and its workings.And through the gained knowledge they are expected to form an idea as to what life is all about and have a positive outlook towards it. The progress of the participants will be evaluated at the end of the programme by their own opinion.

Post implementation:

This would be the stage two of the project where all the participants will take part in programmes like English Education, Computer Studies, Accountancy Training, First Aid and Sports activities after their successful completion of A level exams.

Expected outcome of the project:

It is expected to produce a generation of young people who are intellectually wealthy and capable of thinking rationally to face the life ahead of them when they come out of their nest and taking their first step in standing on their own two feet.

Subject matters of the seminar

Day 1

Journey Of life:

This explains how life started on planet earth in the water as a single cell creature and then developed to the today’s standard of a complex human.

Day 2

Development of Human Brain:

This explains of how all our five senses came in to play and how the brain works with the aid of the senses and how we function as a fully evolved human.

Day 3 & 4

The Solar System:

This explains how our solar system was created and what is around us. Over the two days this aspect is studied in detail with wonderful images taken by our space telescopes.

Day 5 & 6

The Universe:

Now the study expands into the vastness of the universe from our solar systems. Here we will be looking at how everything around us was created, how an atom is formed and then from a tinny atom how everything else including huge planets and all forms of life as we know has emerged.

Day 7

With all the gained knowledge over the six days on the above subjects now a detailed discussion and lecture is done on the subject of “who we are”, “what is life” and how we function as human. The structure of the human mind is studied in detail with diagrams. The role of the mind and intellect is discussed. Then further discussion is conducted as to the philosophical fundamentals of the above aspects of life and the destiny of the universe and our role in the life cycle of the universe is also discussed.   

Day 8 & 9

Over these two days the subject of animal intelligence is viewed and discussed in detail with the aid of video documentaries. A vast awareness and understanding is created among the participants as to the animal kingdom and their intellectual behavior.

Day 10

On this last day human intellect and its behavior is studied using diagrams and the role of self-effort for success is discussed. At the end the participant’s opinion is collected and evaluation is recorded.

Ongoing Projects