About us
Who are we?

Sinthanai Foundation is one man's vision of bridging the disparity in the knowledge among the children who are living in different parts of the world, and to build up an intellectually wealthy society of human beings. In order to achieve this vision, the close friends and families of this visionary joined hands and formed Sinthanai Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Aim: Expansion of the mind of the children through access to knowledge.

This aim is to be achieved by way of increasing the thinking ability of the children by providing them with knowledge of things which unfortunately they do not come across in their day to day life.

To elaborate on what is said above, we all know life is full of choices. When someone makes a choice that choice then becomes the life of such a person. This choice is made in every person’s mind. So in order for a person to make a good choice, he or she should have a clear mind, in other words clear positive thinking. And this thinking can only be achieved when the person concerned has a better knowledge of things, that are happening around the world.

There are lots of organisations and individuals out there helping the unfortunate children around the world. Whilst we greatly appreciate this, we regret to see that these help and projects are mainly restricted to providing the basic needs whilst some organisations extend their projects to provide the children with basic education. Not many in our understanding help to nurture the children expand and grow their intellect.

If we take a child from the developed country and compare the knowledge of this child with a same aged child from the third world country, we can see a vast disparity in advancement in the knowledge between them. The children from advanced nations tend to be more intellectually mature and broad minded as opposed to a child from a less advanced nation. This is extremely unfortunate. We believe that all children should have access to all the materials which would bring such knowledge to expand their horizons. This not only would help their mental development and capacity as a person, but will help the society as a whole, as we would have a future society of intellectuals, capable of thinking scientifically and rationally.

Therefore with our projects we intend to educate the children by providing access to knowledge and guiding them to enrich their mental development.

In today's world ,science has spread its wings to all corners of the universe conducting experiments and coming out with lots of findings. And these findings are made public knowledge through the media. If we take wild life, astronomy, philosophy, medical or any other scientific programs telecast on TV of the developed world, we can find an ocean full of information and specialised knowledge. Unfortunately this information is not available to a child growing up in the third world country; especially to those who are under privileged.

Hence we have decided to dedicate our time to those children to provide them with information and specialised knowledge which they are currently deprived of. We believe that by devoting our time to these children we will be able to assist in improving a neglected and impoverished society of children. And contribute to the advancement of the society as a whole.

Ongoing Projects